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Episode1 | 16:02 mins

Beth: Hi, and welcome to the first ever episode of Happy Tailz Pets. My name is Beth.

Brian: My name is Brian.

Beth: And this is our passion project. We’ve been pet owners now for nearly three decades. Currently we have five Golden Retrievers, and two rescue cats, and we love them all dearly and equally. We’ve also been the proud parents of an exotic Moluccan Cockatoo, as well as a number of other rescue animals over the course of the last several decades. And we decided to take something that’s always been a passion of ours and share it with the world. We’re proud to say that our animals currently, are as old as 14, our dogs, and they go down to 6. We’ve made some significant changes in what we do to keep our dogs and cats healthy and happy and enjoying long lives. And that became the mission of Happy Tailz Pets.

Brian: Yeah. So, we’re very excited to launch our brand-new website, which is, and there’s a “Z” in tailz. So, it’s T-A-I-L-Z. is a brand-new website which just launched last week on–

Beth: — on National Dog Day!

Brian: — fittingly enough National Dog Day. So, we’ve been really excited at how well received this site has been. We’re getting new visitors and followers every day, more and more every day. And so, we’re also very excited for this, our very first podcast.

Beth: Which we will be doing once a week, you can expect a new episode every Wednesday. There will also be transcript notes for the podcast. And podcast, by the way is P-A-W-D-C-A-S-T, see what we did there? Podcast. You’ll see a link up on our website, you’ll also see a link to the podcast on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

Brian: So, we thought right now would be a great time to kind of walk you through the sitemap for our website, so that everyone would be familiar with the layout when you come to visit us at As Beth said, the mission of the site is to enhance the happiness and extend the lives of the pets we love. We consider our following our Pack. And so, we invite you to join our Pack.

Beth: Yay, join our Pack.

Brian: So, the first section of the website that I’d like to discuss is what we call, Happy Tales, and this tales is spelled T-A-L-E-S as in happy stories.

Beth: Your stories and your pet stories, your pets’ tales.

Brian: That’s right. That’s the focus of this particular section on the site, and it’s one that we feel will really differentiate ourselves from a lot of other pet sites out there. And as Beth said, we’re really looking for all of our readers to contribute their stories. They may be funny, they may be heart-warming, any stories, either written or in video form, that you’d like to share on behalf of your pets. And you’re also encouraged to write them with your pet as the author.

Beth: We bet your pet can write really well. And we bet they’re really good at recording videos and so that’s what we want to see, in your pet’s voice, your pet’s story, about how they stay happy, and how they stay healthy, and how they love you being their person. Every week, we’ll be choosing one story to highlight, and when we do, if your story gets chosen, your pet will get a special package from Happy Tailz Pets in the mail, something that they will really like. So, we’re excited about that too.

Brian: Yeah, so our hope is that you’ll really enjoy reading through the happy tales and also possibly contributing a tale of your own while also appreciating the content in the other sections. We’ve been following a lot of the pet sites on the internet and it seems like there are some sites that do a great job with delivering a lot of good information, scientific type information about dogs and cats, while there are some other blogs that have some stories, heart-warming stories, some funny videos and things like that. We’re hoping that Happy Tailz will become the one stop shop for you, where you can read those type of stories while also getting really good, pertinent information on how to keep your pets happy and healthy.

Beth: A really nice blend.

Brian: That’s right. So, in addition to the Happy Tales section, we’re going to break out the next three sections, to be devoted to dogs, cats and exotics. So, we felt that there’s great information on not only how to keep your dog happy and healthy, and your cat happy and healthy, but also, our readers that enjoy companionship of an exotic pet, we didn’t want them to feel left out. So, we devoted a third section to the exotics.

Beth: So, if you’re a bird mom or dad, or reptilian mom or dad, anything exotic, we want to hear from you too and from your pets. So, that’s the exotic section of our brand-new website,

Brian: So, you’re probably wondering, “Well in addition to the pets that we’ve had, what are the backgrounds of Beth and Brian?” So, why don’t we touch on a little bit of our backgrounds, and what brought us to this point.

Beth: I would call us serial entrepreneurs. That’s the simplest, best, all-encompassing description of who we are, and Happy Tailz Pets has become what I like to think of as our family’s lifestyle brand.

Brian: Yes, we’ve both been very blessed in our careers, with success to the point where we have the benefits to devote our time toward this passion project. So, we’re very excited to meet all of you, either through the website or through social media, and really build a community that is really interactive in nature.

Beth: The community piece is really significant because, without your input, without the interaction of other pet lovers just like ourselves, we don’t have as much information to share. And this is all about the sharing of information and ways in which we all manipulate our animals’ lives and the things that we put into our animals’ lives to get them to live a very long time and be with us for a very long time.

Brian: In addition to those topics that we mentioned, with regards to the Happy Tales, Dogs, Cats and Exotics, within those tabs, you’ll find information on life extending nutrition, ideas for play time, grooming, lots of information on behavior training, and veterinary care.

Beth: Over the past several decades, there’s been a tremendous amount of educational advancement in what we give our animals and how proper grooming, play time and veterinary care helps to extend their lives. So, the goal of Happy Tailz is to share what we’ve learned over the past number of decades, as well as to share what our community, or our Pack also, has learned.

Brian: That’s right, because whether you have a purebred animal or a rescue animal, as your pet, we all know that unfortunately, they’re gone too soon. And so, our goal is to share information amongst our community to help our pets, not only be happy but to live the best life they can.

Beth: And for some people, that means changes in nutrition, for others that means forgoing lawn treatment with chemicals, it means a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but that’s the beauty of expanding and enlarging our pet loving community. We can all share, we can take what we need, and hopefully the end result is healthier, happier and older pets.

Brian: So, to give you an example of some of the content that we will be sharing, some of our most recent articles within our dog section cover topics such as, “Your dog just might be improving your heart health.”

Beth: We just posted that one today.

Brian: Yes, we had an article on the National Dog Day and how they encourage rescue and adoption.

Beth: Yay! That was a week ago, Monday when we launched, that was one of our very first articles.

Brian: We’ve covered marrow bones, if they’re a good idea or not to share– have with– provide for your dog, as well as top parks across the US that cater to canines.

Beth: Yay! Dog parks, we love dog parks.

Brian: That’s right. And then also, “Five dog breeds with longevity on their side.” So, those are some examples of our most recent content within the dog section. If we jump over to cats, you’ll see some articles that cover things such as, “Claws Out: New York leads states on prohibiting declawing.”

Beth: Yes, and I know everybody that is a cat parent has an opinion on this.

Brian: We’ve also covered cat happiness in an article.

Beth: Because who doesn’t want their cat to be happier than they already are? Everybody does, especially you know what I’m saying when they get a little snarky. We have one like that.

Brian: And then there’s been a really great development on a vaccine for those who are allergic to cats, which is called Hypo Cat.

Beth: And it’s not a vaccine for the people, it’s a vaccine for the cat. It decreases shedding essentially and sloughing. Tell them about the exotic section now, Brian.

Brian: Yes, under the exotic section we’ve just recently added an article that lists five exotic freshwater fish that you might want to consider if you’re starting your home aquarium. Also caring for a bearded dragon, for those community members that appreciate reptiles as pets.

Beth: Bearded dragons are really popular now; there are a lot of people with bearded dragons.

Brian: We have another article that’s titled “The joy of welcoming an exotic bird into your home.”

Beth: This one is near and dear to our heart because our wonderful Moluccan Cockatoo, Bandar, was gone from us way, way, way too soon.

Brian: And then also five excellent options for having a feathered friend.

Beth: Birds are fun. Birds are a lot of work though. And I bet if you’re a bird parent, you know, birds are way more work than dogs and certainly three times as much work, at least, as cats.

Brian: That’s for sure. So, we hope that everyone will appreciate the great content that we’re working hard to provide that you’ll find under those tabs. In addition, again, to the Happy Tales, which we look forward to contributing, and also reading everyone’s, either writing or videos that you are kind enough to submit for everyone to share.

Beth: And one more thing, as a really a welcome, kind of like a welcome freebie, if you go on the website,, you can sign up for a PDF that we’ve written. It’s a five-page PDF; it’s called the four-step guide, “Help Fido and Felicia reach their golden years.” Four really significant ways you can enhance their lives. And all you have to do is go to the website and sign up and it will be sent to you for free.

Brian: So, we appreciate all of your time with this, our very first podcast. With regards to the website, our social media channels, we welcome your thoughts on the content so far, things that you would like us to cover, really any ideas that you would have, that you feel would help to make our community as strong as it can be.

Beth: So, like us, follow us, comment, give us some feedback, tell us what you’d like to hear more of. Our username for Instagram is happy_tailz_ with a “Z” underscore, the same for Twitter, and then if you search Happy Tailz on Facebook, you’ll find us there too. We’re the little brown dog with the little blue leash.

Brian: With a wagging tail.

Beth: With a wagging tail.

Brian: Which is happy.

Beth: A very happy wagging tail. So, thank you so much to everyone that took the time to listen tonight. We’re very, very honored to be able to put this out into the world and share what we know, what we’ve learned, what’s produced amazing results in terms of longevity, for our furry family members. And we hope that we can in some way serve you and serve your family with this information, while at the same time having you share what it is that you do to keep your pets happy, healthy and living a very long time. So, until we talk to you next Wednesday, we wish you wet noses and wagging tails. See you later.

Brian: See ya.

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