Subscription boxes have existed for beauty, fashion, snack food, and a wide array of niche products since around 2014. Uncharted territory, up until about 2017, was the area of pet care. In 2019, monthly and weekly curated boxes for pet food, care, and playtime are now abundant; the industry is becoming saturated with businesses pitching subscription boxes to consumers, and it’s sometimes difficult to weed through and find boxes that your pet(s) will enjoy. Exclusive boxes exist that include products such as toys, treats, or pet fashion, but few cater to the pets’ feeding needs. Here are our favorite three pet subscription boxes that offer the pet owner high quality, fresh pet food. We’ve even been able to secure some pretty sweet first time offers for our Pack members so you can give them a try and see what your fur babies like best!

Nom Nom Now

Nom Nom Now is a box which curates fresh, individually portioned, nutrient-rich meals for your dog or cat’s specific profile. Nom Nom Now has been reviewed by Business Insider, BuzzFeed, Inc., People, and SFWeekly. The company uses real, whole ingredients in their blends, and utilizes statistics to monitor weight goals. The boxes are sent every two weeks and are packaged in single servings so as to negate extraneous food waste.

Recipes like Heartland Beef Mash, Tasty Turkey Fare, Chicken Chow-Wow, Chicken Chow-Meow, Flavorful Fish Feast and Porkalicious Potluck utilize diced fresh ingredients such as chicken, pork, mushroom, squash, spinach, fish oil, egg, brown rice, ground beef, carrots, and a specialized NomNomNutrient Mix.

The science behind Nom Nom Now is backed by a microbiome testing service, which provides a snapshot of gut health status, along with health assessments. These results allow the scientists, including those with PhDs in areas such as neuroscience, human genetics, and biochemical and molecular nutrition, to perfectly craft food blends that meet certain dietary requirements.

The scientists behind the molecular diversity of the subscription box food options have presented at Stanford, at Animal Microbiome Congress Europe, and at Petfood Forum Europe. The company’s website also boasts specific tabs for dog food allergies, weight loss guides, upcoming studies, and how to handle dogs who refuse to eat.

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Ollie is a pet food delivery service which crafts custom recipes exclusively for dogs. Upon filling out a pet profile, complete with age, weight, breed, and any allergies, a custom plan will be provided. Additionally, this plan takes into account activity levels in order to create precise portioning and caloric intake. The profile takes about a minute to complete and a tailored plan will pop up describing, in-depth, what food is recommended for your doggo. A schedule is then constructed to ensure that the dog(s) get regularly delivered subscription boxes.

Similar to Nom Nom Now, the meat staples are beef kidney, chicken, and turkey, but Ollie takes it a step further and offers lamb instead of pork. The chicken and beef are sourced from US farms and lamb comes from the US and Australia. The company’s New Jersey headquarters cooks orders in small batches to ensure quality control.

Ollie’s food claims human-grade recipes and adheres to strict AAFCO standards (so you and Fido can essentially dine on the same food if you’re into that). Essential vitamins and minerals are found in ingredients like whole blueberries, peas, carrots, spinach, cod liver oil, chia seeds, sweet potatoes, and many more. A veterinary nutritionist is employed to regulate quality standards and ensure that proper nutritional requisites are always met.

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Pet Plate

Pet Plate offers tubs of fresh-cooked dog food, based on a similarly conducted pet profile to the above brands. With flavors like Barkin’ Beef, Tail Waggin’ Turkey, Chompin’ Chicken, and Lip Lickin’ Lamb, every Pet Plate recipe boasts a five-star review.

Ground turkey, brown rice, carrots, apples, pumpkin, salmon oil, sweet potatoes, ground chicken, butternut squash, a proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals, and peas are blended into easy to eat portions. Each meal is crafted by a veterinary clinical nutritionist, cooked in a USDA facility, and claim 100 percent human-grade ingredients.

Tubs are formulated based on a weekly shipment, are flash frozen, and then are shipped for free anywhere in the United States. Depending on the shipment plan, meals can be delivered every week, two weeks, three weeks, or month. Pet Plate includes that expected outcomes are less itching, mealtime excitement, healthier weight, tighter waistlines, allergy relief, a shinier coat, cleaner dishes, and better poops. Pet Plate has also been balanced for all life stages.

Pet Plate has been featured in Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, NBC, and Woof Whiskers, as well as on Shark Tank in 2016. Since appearing on Shark Tank, the business’ Brooklyn headquarters now ships nationwide and fills millions of dollars of orders each year. In addition, cat food subscription box plans are on the horizon.

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Whatever your pet’s nutritional needs, health requirements or stage of life, one of our three favorite food subscription options will definitely meet their needs! Check them out, do your research and let us know which one is your favorite!

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