Guinea Pig Owners Unite - plus info on our Live Online Pet Nutrition Workshop

Episode5 | 11:13 mins

An Intro to our Live Online Pet Nutrition Workshop, plus Guinea Pig Health concerns

Episode 5 of the Happy Tailz Pets Podcast is brought to you by our Happy Tailz Pets Nutrition workshop live and online Tuesday, October 15 at 9 am Pacific and 12 noon Eastern. We hope to see you there. 

Beth: Hi everyone and welcome to the Happy Tailz Pets Podcast episode 5. I’m Beth 

Brian: And I’m Brian.

Beth:  We’re glad you’re here with us tonight. We wanted to take a few minutes before we get started and tell you a little bit about our Pet Nutrition Workshop which will be held live and online Tuesday October 15th 9:00 AM Pacific/12 noon Eastern. 

I know you’re probably thinking, “Oh but Beth I work that day. I’m working during that time.” It’s okay because we’re recording. You’ll have the archive available to you, so no worries if you can’t be with us live. Is the workshop something that will benefit the lives of your pets? Well the answer is yes, if you are a pet owner and most especially if you’ve been searching for an option or for better feeding for your pets, you have to be with us on October 15th. You definitely do not want to miss our Pet Nutrition Workshop. We will be talking about different feeding strategies to maintain the health and increase the longevity of the pets that we love. We’ll be talking everything current in terms of the science of pet nutrition and we’ll break it all down for you so that it is incredibly simple to understand, process and implement.

Now during the workshop will not only be teaching and training about the newest, latest, science, and don’t let the word science scare you again because we will be breaking it down. It will be simple, it’ll be easy and it will be implementable, but we’ll be talking and training about pet nutrition. We’ll be showing you how to prep for your pet’s feedings. We’ll even be doing a cooking demonstration for those of you who really love to cook for your pets or feel like your pet’s health can truly be benefited if you could just spend a little bit of time in the kitchen. 

Now don’t worry because we’re not about overwhelming you but we are about is helping you to feed better so that your pets can maintain their weight, they can be fit, be active and live a very long time. Honestly, since we started our method of feeding, we have literally no allergies, no hotspots, we have no cancers, we have no diabetes, and we have no epilepsy; all the main things that our animals fall victim to from a health standpoint.

And after many years of studying pet nutrition we decided to share all of this with you and that’s the basis of the workshop. So if you have a young puppy that you want to get started on the right foot or if you have an older senior that you feel could really benefit from an improved feeding strategy; maybe they are epileptic or they are diabetic or they have bad hip dysplasia or arthritis in some other way, I highly encourage you to join us for our pet nutrition workshop. I know you will get so much out of it and we’ll have a live Q&A at the end so that if you do have any questions about pet nutrition, either what we taught or what you are currently doing or anything specific for your pets that you’ve been wondering about in terms of their nutrition, you’ll be able to ask that on the live workshop.

If you’d like more information about our live online pet nutrition workshop being held Tuesday, October 15, I will include the link on this page where you are listening to the podcast. 

Now I’ll give Brian the floor because he wanted to tell you about a recent publication that I know you will really love to read on 

Brian: We are very excited to interact with you guys through the Pet Workshop as it relates to our website and the launch of our website. We’ve been very, very happy with the response from our readers and the growth of the website in a short period of time. So thank you to everyone that supported the website and we look forward to learning more about you guys and meeting you either through the website or through the live workshop. 

On the topic of pet nutrition, this doesn’t only pertain to dogs or cats. On Happy Tailz, we also focus on exotic pets, such as guinea pigs, which was the topic of our latest publication earlier today. The name of the publication is “Dietary Tips For Your Guinea Pig.”

In the article, we touch on tips for feeding your guinea pig and you’ll see some pictures of the cute little guys on the website, as well as, things to keep a watchful eye on, because with pets like guinea pigs, they eat sporadically so they aren’t on a schedule where a dog or cat may be, so you really have to keep a more watchful eye because there are certain factors that could create a lack of hunger which could lead potentially to an anorexic situation so there’s good information in the article about care for guinea pigs. 

We are looking to offer this type of information across the spectrum of pets, not only with dogs and cats but our listeners and our readers that have exotic pets that we look forward to continuing to offer great information on those animals as well. 

Beth: I think it’s amazing that guinea pigs have anorexia issues; that just seems to be something you don’t typically hear about. In humans it’s a mental health diagnosis but I guess that’s not really the case in guinea pigs. 

Brian: That’s right and in the article we touch on some of the potential factors that could cause this situation. That, in addition, to some helpful tips on what to feed your guinea pig so those that are just starting out and are looking for some resources in that area, this is a great article for you guys. 

Beth: Guinea pigs, I think those are really one of the only pets that we have never had. They’re so cute. 

Brian: We’ve had gerbils.

Beth: We’ve had gerbils and hamsters but no guinea pigs. Guinea pigs are super cute though.  

Brian: We look forward to feedback, like we said, we love to hear from you guys and learn more about you and your pets, especially if you have guinea pigs. We look forward to reading those stories.

Beth: You can post any information about your guinea pigs on our Happy Tailz Facebook page. We just posted a link to the article on our FB page or on our instagram account @happy_tailz_ Check those out. Drop some links in. Tell us about your guinea pig or guinea pigs if you have more than one, their names, show us their pictures. We’d love to see them. Guinea pigs are super cute.

I think that anybody who follows us and reads our information and looks at our socials would really enjoy seeing your guinea pigs too, so go ahead and throw them up there. 

Brian: That’s right. It would also be awesome if you’d be interested in sharing a happy tale, possibly a story from your guinea pig’s point of view. 

Beth:  Guinea pigs don’t really have tails, do they?

Brian: I will have to check on that. I think they have little nubs, but I’m not sure.

Beth: That’s a tail then. We will definitely put that up.

We really look forward to seeing you on our Pet Nutrition Workshop. The link is on the page where you are listening to this podcast and until next week. 

But wait there’s one more thing. If you’re interested in more info about the workshop and can’t find the link or still want more beyond the link, jump on our Facebook page at 11 am Pacific/2 pm Eastern on Thursday, October 3 and Thursday, October 10. I will go live and I’ll be answering any questions you have about the Pet Nutrition Workshop and tell you a little more about it, what we will be including in the workshop, and I wanted to go live online and give you a chance to chime in and ask any questions you might have or have any conversation about the workshop and what it involves, so join me there on October 3 and 10, both Thursdays, at 11 am Pacific/ 2pm Eastern.

Until next week, or until we see you on Facebook lives, we are wishing you wet noses and waggly tails. See you! 

Brian: Or wagging nubby guinea pig tails. See ya. 

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