As technology infiltrates daily life, it’s only fair that it transitions into the way we care for our fur babies as well. Everything from playing fetch with your pet to feeding it has become either digitized or advanced with the influx of technology. Here is a list of hot items to buy if you’re looking to be the “cool” parent.


If you’re looking for a way to track your dog’s health and activity, Whistle is the perfect brand for you. The Whistle GO and Whistle GO Explore collars offer a perfect blend of tracking systems, a 20-day battery life, and a night light for late-night roaming. The Twist & Go collar allows for fashionista pups to explore in style, and they pair with both types of trackers available. 

The GPS trackers charge via USB port, so they’re portable and can be plugged in on the go; they sync to a phone application that monitors location, daily fitness, health monitoring, and sends updates every 15 seconds, or when the pet has breached the location boundaries.


Continuing on the pet health trend, FitBark acts as a pedometer for your pet. With 54 percent of dogs in the United States facing obesity, FitBark wants to spread a culture of increased physical activity. The waterproof FitBark device attaches to a dog’s collar; it monitors activity levels, quality of sleep, distance traveled, anxiety levels, calories burned, and overall health.

The tracker links to any Fitbit, Apple Healthkit, or Google Fit device, which allows you to monitor you and your pet’s health goals simultaneously. The FitBark technology is used in collaboration with more than 45 veterinary schools across the world; the platform has been utilized widely to chart mobility, skin diseases, cognition, nutrition, vision, and various medical issues. Via the platform, your pet’s information can be shared with a trainer or veterinarian.


iFetch is a technologically savvy way of playing with dogs who can’t seem to get their energy out with walks or visits to the dog park. iFetch is an automatic ball throwing machine. The ball can be loaded either by you or by your dog, dropping the ball in the top hole. The ball then shoots out and prompts your dog to chase after it. This machine may quickly turn into your dog’s best friend.

The original iFetch machine has three distance settings, 10, 20, or 30 feet, and comes with miniature tennis balls for smaller dogs. The iFetch Too enables four potential distance settings for larger dogs and outdoor activity and comes with three standard-sized tennis balls. The iFetch Frenzy is designed for smaller dogs and smaller spaces. It diverts the ball into one of three shoots, which roll the ball out in a different direction across the floor. This option is good for apartments or townhomes with limited square footage for dogs or for dogs left alone for long periods of time on end.


Another great piece of pet technology is the PetChatz Greet & Treat videophone. Gone are the days of face timing your pets. This videophone allows your pet to see and hear you while getting a treat from the machine itself. A unique PetChatz ringtone will play from the device if you are trying to call. There is also an optional accessory that would allow your pet to call you via a button on the floor or wall.

The unit fits over an electrical outlet and connects to wifi. The machine’s associated mobile application allows you to call and pick up calls, dispense snacks, and say hello to your pet anywhere via two-way audio and video.

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