In the age of increasingly inclusive and stylish pet fashion, it only seems logical that Halloween becomes a night to go big or go home. There are thousands of costumes for pets of all sizes. Costume ideas range from bumblebees to cowboys and lions and everything in between. Here are five creative, but comfortable, DIY costumes for your pet.

A Martini Glass

Gone are the days of Cone of Shame embarrassment. Spice your pet’s life up by making that cone into the top of a martini glass and adding some plush olives for post-Halloween toy excitement, of course. Your dog or cat will be the most sophisticated trick or treater in the neighborhood! It’s a cute, yet low-maintenance, costume sure to elicit a “Good boy” or two, and head pets.

Basket of Fries

Along the same, “Making light of the Cone of Shame” scenario, covering your pet’s cone in red tissue paper and then pinning long yellow strips of cardstock to the inside, creates a fun twist on food costumes. Adding the signature golden arches on the front would finish off the ensemble. 

A Skeleton

Short-haired black dogs are the perfect canvas for a skeleton outline. With the help of some white, non-toxic, pet-safe face paint, your dog can transform into a spooky, scary skeleton in no time. There have been numerous variations on the outline, so a quick internet search will produce a fantastic result, even for those humans who aren’t particularly artistically inclined. The best part is that it’s quick, easy, and your dog won’t have anything to chew up afterward.

Cheeseburger and a Pair of Dice

In honor of singer Jimmy Buffett’s dog Cheeseburger, and Buffett’s song “Cheeseburger in Paradise,” this multi-pet costume is perfect for a creative human and two cooperative pets. One pet could dress like a cheeseburger and the other could either be painted with non-toxic, pet-safe face paint or have a pair of fuzzy dice hung around its collar.


For a particularly mouthy dog, dressing him/her up as a nun would produce a fun twist on the classic exclamation. A black shirt and some white accents would set the DIY tone while creating a costume comfortable enough for your dog to not shed the second after he/she poses for the obligatory picture. A trip around the neighborhood might require a bit of explaining, but it’s destined to bring about a night of laughs, head pets, and potentially even a trophy, or some chew toys, for Best Costume.

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